Squirrel Removal Example

By | August 21, 2017

Removing Attic Squirrels

Just trying to keep squirrels out is often ineffective; squirrels must also be removed for a real resolution.

If you’ve read any of our other posts or pages on squirrels you’ll realize that this  removal + exclusion approach is a recurrent theme.

Today’s post gives a good example of this.

Let’s start with Ryan’s video as he inspected and found evidence of a long term squirrel problem.  Pay particular note to the evidence of attempts to block the squirrels.

As you see, the squirrels have used their teeth to make (and remake) entries/exits at two points.

In the video Ryan explained squirrels have been living here for some time.  As a result of their long term presence, they are not going to be dissuaded with blocking.  They definitely consider this attic their “home” and not just a camping spot.  Attempts to block them off will just result in more damage as the squirrels will find new places to chew in or out.

The Plan

To return this house to a squirrel free state, we need to:

  1. Remove the squirrels through trapping
  2. Make a good repair of the entry/exit points

The removal plan is easily visualized with this follow-up video which shows how squirrels are captured coming and going at this main entrance.

Ryan is off to a good start with the squirrel removal as his first check reveals three squirrels in the traps.

The first two squirrels are in the trap labeled #1 in the picture to the right.  These are the squirrels that were INSIDE the house when Ryan put the traps in place.

He screened off the hole in the gable vent on the other side of the house and put trap #1 right by the entrance/exit.  The flexible wire all around the trap makes sure that squirrels can’t get in or out without a lot of chewing.

Taking the path of least resistance, the two squirrels in the trap left the house and entered the one-way door trap.

The traps labeled #2 in the picture are set up around the entrance.  These will capture squirrels that were outside the house when Ryan did the set-up.  The squirrel captured in the #2 style trap came to this entry/exit point but could not get in.  It was tempted by the bait in the trap.  Setting outside traps lures squirrel that know about this entry.

Squirrel Removal for Akron, Canton & Kent

After there is no more activity at the squirrel traps, then the repairs need made.

For this house, the trim where the squirrels were going in and out needs repaired.  The hole in the wood underneath can be addressed as well.  And, when it is all put back together, the junction between trim, siding, flashing, and shingles all need to be weather-proof and uninviting to animals.

Finally, the plastic gable vent on the front of the house needs replaced as well to keep squirrels, insects, bats, and birds out of the attic.

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