Tactic Change for Squirrels

By | September 14, 2017

Squirrel Catching Tactics

Most squirrels won’t pass up an easy meal.

Put a well-baited cage trap in a travel path and the success rate is pretty high.

But, there are those other ones- the smart or wary ones- that will avoid a hand out and walk past traps.

Here is an example.

Squirrel Traps

Safeguard Squirrel TrapIn the video, you saw two distinct types of traps.

The first kind is a small, cage-style live trap. It was the type of trap that the smart squirrel kept walking by without going in.

This type of trap has door at one end which closes when a squirrel goes inside to get bait.

The second kind of trap is a one-way door trap.

These traps are installed over squirrels’ exits.  They work on the principal that a wire door pivots to let squirrels go in when they push on it but not back out.

This style of trap is intended to catch squirrels that are INSIDE the home when the traps are set.

This was the style of trap that the squirrel was actually in as Ryan is talking about it at his truck.

In this case, the one-way door trap was the effective one (2nd type used) as the baited trap (first trap used) was snubbed.

To be an effective squirrel trapper, you need to use both types of traps.

Squirrel Trapping Tactics

The baited trap was used first in this case because it 1) is often effective and 2) was easy to employ in this case.

As the video showed, the squirrel was coming out of a piece of loose soffit.  As there is more time and effort involved in getting the one-way door trap into place, the effective trapper tries the easy way first.  Putting the baited trap right where the squirrel enters and exits is easy and works a large percentage of the time.  Why not try it?

But, it didn’t work this time and Ryan got the video proof.

Changing tactics, he added the one way door trap along with some soffit rearrangement and wire to modify the squirrel’s exit.  After he was done modifying the exit and installing the trap, the only way the squirrel had o get out was into the trap.

It did take more work, but it was necessary in this instance.  This is another example of a squirrel problem solved.

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