Tip on Raccoon Entry

By | November 26, 2017

How is the Raccoon Getting In?

Many times raccoon entry points are pretty obvious.  For example, if a raccoon has pulled down some soffit pieces and they are now dangling under the eave, that sort of thing is hard to miss.

Other times the entries are fairly subtle or in out of the way places.  When that is the case, figuring out the problem is indeed raccoons and finding their entrances take a little more detective work.

In the following video, Ryan gives a tip for finding a subtle raccoon entry point.

As he explains, he found where the raccoons were climbing up onto the roof based on some raccoon poop and tar paper pieces.  This led him to get on the roof at this point and find the hinging piece of soffit that made for a less than obvious raccoon entry point.

Raccoon Roof Inspection

In almost all cases, for definitive knowledge of where the raccoons are going, a roof inspection has to be done.  The information gained from the roof inspection:

  1. Guides us in how best to remove the raccoon
  2. Gives the homeowner information on repairs that need to be done for prevention.

crumbling chimneyraccoon friendly chimney

As these pictures show, a good assessment of the problem chimney in this case can only be made from the roof.

Sure, there is a raccoon living in the chimney.  But, we hope you’ll agree that the biggest issue here is the state of the chimney.

After the roof inspection, we can share this information on the state of the chimney with the homeowner.  Removing the animal is fairly easy but the chimney fix will be more involved.

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If you suspect a raccoon but the entry is not obvious we hope you follow these tips we’ve offered today.

Start low and then go high.  Looking on the ground as Ryan did can help find where raccoons are climbing up.  And, once you’ve homed in on an area of high probability, get yourself (or someone else, preferably) up on the roof for the best information.

For more on raccoons, raccoon removal, and raccoon repair:

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