Trapping and Education

On-Going Nuisance Animal Problems

Maintenance Trapping

Some nuisances cannot be prevented, only kept in check.  Moles, muskrats, and other animals that visit your property frequently and without barrier can indeed be removed in the short term.  However, there is often no practical way to prevent them from returning.

In these instances, we need to be realistic and offer an on-going trapping program.

DIY Education

Additionally, if you do not want to have us come back on a regular basis we would be happy to teach you how to maintain your own situation.  It is lawful in the State of Ohio to trap/remove most (not all) nuisance species ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY without a nuisance trapping permit.  We will advise you on equipment and methods and how-to.  You will then be empowered to take care of your own on-going issues.