Snowy Squirrels

By | December 19, 2017

Year Round Squirrel Removal

It’s a lot easier to trap squirrels when there is no snow on the roof!  But, like the animals we remove from homes, we have to stay adaptable to keep working.

It is a slower time of year for animal removal as many animals have made winter preparations, hunker down, and limit movement.  Still, squirrels and raccoons are active all winter long here in northeast Ohio.

A video we’ve included below highlights some issues with winter squirrel removal we discuss in this blog post.

Squirrels Find Shelter in Attics

north canton squirrel removalOne of the main causes of animals getting into homes is a problem with some construction element of the home that isn’t functioning well any more.

Pieces of siding, soffit, and trim coming loose are examples of construction problems that give animals opportunity to move in.  In the video below, the squirrels took advantage of a situation where easy access to attic was provided as a result of a problem with the trim and soffit.

Winter winds, snow, ice, and freeze/thaw cycles contribute to the failure of building elements.

The other contributing factor to openings being created in a home’s exterior are poor building practices.  Whether the installer was trying to save time or money or just wasn’t thinking about animal entry, Ryan often finds sub par work contributing to animal entry.

This point is highlighted in the video below.  As Ryan explains, the trim and soffit fell off because it just wasn’t attached well.  As you’ll see, it was only minimally attached.  Minimal attachment just doesn’t hold up to wintry conditions.

Working on Roofs in Winter

Snow on roofs makes squirrel removal a challenge.  While it doesn’t deter Santa and his reindeer, it should keep would-be squirrel removers off.

But, when the roof configuration is right, the squirrel removal and all-important repair can proceed with the use of roof ladders.  When roof ladders aren’t practical, squirrel removal and repair have to wait.

Despite the snow, Ryan was able to access the roof for the repair and removal.

He first replaced the trim and soffit using a lot more nails than the builder did the first time.  This is the critical step to keeping this area squirrel free.  Then he set up traps to catch squirrels coming out from inside and catch squirrels that were outside and looking to get in.

The job proceeds until there are no signs of squirrels in the attic.  Then, the entry area repair is completed.  A well repaired job combined with the removal of the squirrels that moved in solves this squirrel problem.

Squirrel Removal and Building Repairs for Akron, Canton, Kent

If squirrels have taken advantage of a situation on your home’s exterior and moved in give Frontline Animal Removal a call today.

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